Tuesday, January 27, 2009

whoops, here's the link

Public Bloglines account: http://www.bloglines.com/public/Kellykimberley

blawg, blawg, blawg!

Well, I think setting up the RSS feeds was the easy part. There certainly are lots of feeds to discover and keep up with if you've got the time. Seems like blogging and RSS feeds might be a bit of a lifestyle choice which would conflict with my commitment to spend more time reflecting and alone with my own thoughts.
A slight unease started to creep up when I realized the next step was setting up a new public Bloglines URL. AACCKK!, more urls and passwords to keep track of!. Ever notice that little "forgot your password" link? Well, it was written with people like me in mind.
Things started getting confusing after that, I think there was an opportunity to blog about my RSS feeds at one point. Do people really communicate this much? My thought ... blawg, blawg, blawg!

Monday, January 12, 2009

create a blog

Just set up my first blog, successfully, I think. My one wish that it not take up to much time has been granted, yay! There were a couple of tricks in the set up. I'm always conscious of those as I tend to imaging where my mom would get stuck and call me for help. She would have been thrown looking for the set account button as the actual button said something else, 'start blogging', or what have you. Then, I've apparently already set up a Google account so password changing was a bit of a hassle since the link did not work. Well, I see it's very tempting to complain when you are blogging. Time to blog off!